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Please obey our rules to maintain a friendly community!

In-game Prohibitions

Abusing glitches or bugs

Lying to a staff member to evade punishment

Lava casts unless used for a good reason

Using illegal clients, mods, or packs

Inapporpriate builds

In-game or real-life scamming

Having more than 2 accounts


Creating and using chunk loaders

Building purposefully laggy farms or any machine that drops TPS

DDoSing or doxing other players

using macros, machines, or something heavy on a keyboard

Evading punishments using other accounts (if one account is banned all of them are)


TogglePVP Abuse - Toggling PVP or abusing Glitches to kill players with PVP turned off.

Chat Prohibitions


Excessive and/or directed profanity

Excessive capital letters

Inappropriate names or nicknames


Nagging for free items or ranks


Racist, homophobic, discriminatory, vulgar, or threatening remarks

Threatening to DDoS, lag, or bot the server

Hacked Client Info

Using a hacked/modified Client could get you banned, If your client has any of the following, DO NOT USE IT.

Forcefield or KillAura

X-Ray client or resource pack

Chest finder

Fly or Hover

Speed or BHop

Water walking



Minimaps with entity tracking

Minimaps that show caves

Use common sense. If common sense dictates something should most likely be against the rules, then DON'T DO IT! If you are ever in doubt about something please ask a staff member!